Greetings warrior! I am your zen happy, fertility book worm, and fertility coach! I love yoga, self care meditation, crafts on a rainy day with a side of gansta rap and house music. Usually I play my fav song on repeat. Learn more about me below!

My Fertility Journey 


Another unexpected journey! But a journey that I would be so grateful for and one that changed my life forever! Over two years of trying to conceive a beautiful and healthy baby, this journey started off with the dream and for a moment it was a reality. After our wedding in Thailand, we fell pregnant with our first baby. A while later I would experience my first miscarriage at home. This left me in a very undesirable state of physical, mental, emotional wellbeing, though I did not want to admit it. Months later I would take some time off from my responsibilities and focus on self-care or as I call it #selfcaredarebear  and then this would serendipitously lead to yoga and my yoga teacher training that would set me on a path of Fertility Yoga and then I realized I was on a fertility journey and it was not going to be easy. A hard year of negative home pregnancy tests, ovulation kits and so many damn big fat negatives and a suspected chemical pregnancy. I would search for natural ways to conceive. I stumbled onto acupuncture. I had no idea how much of a blessing that was.

Over a year and a half after my first miscarriage, I would be referred to an OBGYN and begin tests and procedures to further investigate our recurrent pregnancy loss and fertility troubles. We then conceived another beautiful baby. Unfortunately, fate would claim that baby as well as we entered into this New Year. I believed that it was a new year and I can heal from this devastation. I challenged myself to find different ways to help heal from this tragic loss. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I call this challenge #darriens100daysofhealing

I didn't know that I would conceive our miracle baby during my #100daysofhealing but I am so entirely grateful we did. I would experience a high risk pregnancy and learn that my father has lung cancer during this time. But I kept moving forward, with my support system and the tools that I have learned during my journey I stayed strong and resilient. I gave birth to my son Atlas and am now navigating the postpartum journey. Still growing and still being resilient. 

Though my path to becoming a mother had  been a heartbreaking time I have experienced greatness blossom from the darkness. I have learned so much about myself and where I want to go. I have become a certified Yoga instructor and focuses heavily on Yoga for Fertility. Created a local Fertility Support Group on Facebook and have many big dreams to bring that community together. With my thirst for more learning I have been studying and reading as much as I can about fertility and now I am a fertility coach! I believe that you deserve a shot at motherhood, I believe that you deserve the self care and self love you would wish for your  miracle baby.

I see the opportunities and the hope that New Beginnings bring and I look forward to sharing with you and hearing about your personal journey with fertility. 

Remember you are not alone. 


My Yoga Journey 

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Tao Tzu”

Darrien’s yoga journey began when she was a teenager, it served as a physical practice to keep in shape and as most things, life got involved and she became disconnected with the movements. Getting back into the practice in her early twenties her practice got a little deeper. After a big year of personal struggle and growth, she traveled to Vancouver to take a few days to reconnect with herself. She called this her “Self Care Dare” (#selfcaredare) she used this time to set an intention for her to focus intensely on that day and cultivate the things she desired most in her life: forgiveness, being enough, love, self-care, confidence, and bravery. When she returned home feeling recharged she was signed up for the September Yoga Series with Sufey. 16 blissful hours of yoga and that was when her practice really took off. Darrien admits that she kept her ego close by her mat in her earlier years of practice, comparing herself and judging herself. Although, in September series she found she was in a place that the other thing that truly mattered was her own practice. Becoming excited for the true meaning of a yoga practice she was at cross roads. Should she continue on her own risking to have the fire die out or jump into the fire with an open heart and enthusiasm? Back and forth the outside distractions really made it challenging for her to make a decision. Until one day she was taken away on a beautiful guided meditation by a friend. This mediation took me away from the city and into a world of my own that is so calm and gave the true clarity of the direction she needed most. So she signed up for my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training with Sufey Chen. This experience has sent her on a deep personal journey looking inward and seeing the world with new eyes. The greatest experience she has learned over the past year was that without the difficulties of life and being covered in mud, we cannot grow and rise above and blossom and grow into our own self. Her favourite quote is “No Mud, No Lotus” as she lives every day with that understanding.

During her training, she was able to really joined the physical practice and practice of the body to my mind and touching on her soul. Aligning the mind body and soul is very powerful.

What is Yoga| The love and balance of mind, body, and soul


Fun Facts About Darrien  😄

1 | I married my Highschool Sweetheart and we were married on Koh Samui, Thailand #dsthaitheknot 
2| I have a cat and a dog
3| I am half German and Half Chinese #hybrid 🇨🇳🇨🇦🇩🇪
4| I love Pixar movies and I cry a river when I watch 'Inside Out' and ' Good Dinosaur"
5| Hubby and I have 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' memorized line by line
6| I work full time as a dental assistant/ clinic coordinator and then some evenings I teach Yoga #darrienyoga 
7| I won a fashion design scholarship when I was 16 but never pursued that career path
8| I am terrified of snakes
9| I have an addiction of buying journals with inspirational quotes. Most of them I find too beautiful to actually put my messy writing in. 📓📔📙📘📗📕#itsaseriousproblem
10| I am also addicted to buying books. I love books. I get really into reading them for approx 20 pages and then I start another one. Cycle continues #sorrynotsorry 📚📖
11| I have no tattoos and only have my ears pierced but don't wear earrings
12| Hobbies include photography, drawing, painting, journaling, artwork, knitting and more!  
13| I am teaching myself how to play the #ukulele 🍍
14| Potato chips are my absolute weakness
15| I like scuba diving but I just get sea sick on the boat rides out 🐟🐠
16| Favourite colour is turquoise
17| My spirit animal is s panda bear 🐼🐼🐼🐼
18| I love traveling the world with my husband. 🌏🌍🌎
19| I entered in a live painting competition Art Battle a few years ago and haven't picked up a paint brush and acrylic since. I do miss it 🎨
20| I use meditations and visualization to stay connected to my spirit baby

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