My name is Darrien,

I am a recurrent miscarriage + infertility warrior and now a new mama with a mission and I am here to support you on your fertility journey, and help you find your resilience and strength 

Mind, Body + Spirit 

Navigating your fertility journey is beyond difficult, I get it! This is why I am here for you as your personal Fertility Coach, Fertility Yoga Instructor and Support Group Facilitator. 


 Are you feeling isolated, unsupported, losing motivation and strength to continue the path into motherhood. Let me tell you girl you have the strength in you! You have the light in you to break through and grow into a beautiful lotus! 

but if you need reminding and how to nuture your body, mind and spirit, I am your Fertility Coach! 

No Mud No Lotus
— Thich Nhat Hanh
Photo from unsplash

Photo from unsplash