Robyn Birkin

Fertility Coach, Motivational Speaker and Writer

"I absolutely adore Darrien. She is like my twin who lives in Canada... Except she is drop dead gorgeous, slight more zen and is a yoga teacher! Ha! I am so proud to recommend Darrien as one of the experts in my programme, the Fertility Warrior Intensive. Her 4-part bespoke yoga series provides yet another piece in the essential jigsaw of lifestyle changes we can make, not only to radically change our fertility, but the way we treat ourselves and our bodies too. And the best part, Darrien is a fertility warrior herself, so she gets it, which is SO important when we are surrounded by a society that doesn't."

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The NAtional infertility association (United States) 

"You’re bravely sharing yourself with the world and helping others see infertility through your lens. Will you help us #FliptheScript during #NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week) on  April 22-28th?  Here’s how you can help with this nationwide #IFAwareness campaign: It’s easy. Talk about NIAW. Share images/videos, take the NIAW pledge. Do what you do best! For more info on how to get involved  link in our bio. Remember to tag us & HT #NIAW #FliptheScript  #NationalInfertilityAwarenessWeek"

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Sufey Chen

Yoga Instructor 

"Darrien’s own journey into motherhood is a remarkable and courageous one — a journey that has gifted her with a rich, embodied understanding of the wide spectrum of human experience. Her wise words inspire, her soft touch heals, and her deeply compassionate nature offers warmth and understanding to all in her presence"

Finding Joy In Fertility


"Darrien, is such a light in the infertility world. Every post that she puts up on Instagram is incredibly encouraging. I stumbled upon her account during a hashtag search, and boy am I glad I did! She has such a lovely way of turning a negative situation into a positive one, and using that negative to instead lift up others around her. A personality and life like hers is so refreshing during a time where negative thoughts can dominate so easily. I’ve gained so much encouragement and wisdom from seeing her live life with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss."

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Here is What Some Fertility Warriors Say About Darrien Minnie 


"Darrien's Yoga for Fertility class marked a turning point in my fertility journey where I was able to reduce my frustration and become hopeful again. The asanas she taught were deeply relaxing as were the meditation exercises. I'm convinced my participation in the class, and Darrien's emotional support had a lot to do with improving my ability to conceive a child." 


"I also thoroughly enjoyed the two session I spent with you on your Yoga for Fertility series. Thank you so much for being such an amazing leader and introducing a newbie like me to the love of yoga and nurturing my own body" 

Name Withheld 

"I do want to say i'm so thankful for your classes, they were amazing and certainly inspired me to put myself as a priority and utilize yoga for relaxation, support and community. I love your honesty, easy style and commitment to helping women with their fertility struggles. 
I also love the FB group- its great to share info and ask questions. It's great you are trying to create a community and space for women to talk and share about issues that are so intimate and tough to talk about" 

Bambi Davenport cannabam86) 

"You helped me not to lose hope after our loss in 2016, and I am entering my 2nd trimester today after a long battle with infertility. You have wonderfully handsome little rainbow baby. Thank you for what you do!"