Packing boxes and New Beginnings

Ok ok Im sorta kinda ready to tell you all something BIG for the Minnie’s!

The Minnie’s are off on yet another adventure! We are moving out of Prince George!!!
Shawn was given an amazing opportunity, as well as I will be closer with my mama. I truly feel this will be a great opportunity for us all to grow and shine! 
This has happened so fast and I haven’t been able to reach out to everyone to tell you all so we are just posting it! And We ... mainly me... are awhirl of emotions. We are of course excited 😄for this new and exciting chapter but so sad to be leaving our amazing friends, family and community!😭
You guys! We will miss you so freaking much! This is a community that Shawn was born and raised in, I have lived here for over 25 years. We have grown up here, gone to school, worked here and created a family here! We have been in our home for almost a decade and we brought Atlas home and have created so many memories! 
I want to thank each and everyone of you so much for helping me along the way! Encouraging me, supporting me through art, dentistry, yoga, fertility and parenting! 
This community has some excellent resources and please know that I am taking what I have learned and will bring and share it with me to our new home and new community!!!!
I would say we are really damn lucky to have such amazing people in Our lives that makes saying ‘see you later’ so darn hard! 
We are hoping you all come to visit us soon!!!!!! 

What does this all mean for my fertility community, good news! I will still be coming frequently to PG! 
My fertility community I am still putting you all on a top priority! For three years I have been building a strong community in Prince George and I have made some amazing friendships because of it! I will still be here as your fertility support and coach! I am STILL COMMITTED to you all! It will just look a little different and mainly I will be based online for long distance support and coaching. But I encourage you to stay connected with each other! I will be back in Prince George once a month as I am a part of a mentorship and have intentions to host support group meetings while I visit!

Sending you all so much love light and blessings

we are moving to a new Community!.png
Darrien Minnie