Yoga for Fertility


The term "Yoga" means "to join" and it hits the nail on the head. My aim is to help you join to you, you to your breath, yourself to your body, your mind to your body,you to your spirit, and you to your spirit baby and more! 

Yoga has a long list of health benefits, studies have shown yoga reduces stress, improves sleep, eases back soreness, awaken parts of the body, increase blood flow (key for fertility) and more

Yoga for fertility is a series of poses that provide a multitude of benefits to your physical body, your mind, and your spirit. I pair my yoga practices with mind body exercises, meditations and visualizations. Encouraging a calming state, strong endocrine system, increased blood flow to your reproductive organs, manifest a positive mindset and many more lovely benefits and tools for your fertiltiy journey. 


Meditation and Visualization

What is Meditation and Visualiation

I join my yoga sessions with mind body, meditations and visualizations. Get your body moving and flowing, linking your breath, mind to your movements.  Joining the mind and body is very important since your body can respond to how your brain is thinking. Meditation allows for awareness to your thoughts and gives you a moment to be in this moment. Strengthening your self awareness and enhancing your inner state. Visualization is a wonderful tool to marry in the practice of yoga to help your mind body connection strengthen. Visualization allows your mind to influence your body resulting g the positive effects.