CIAW 2019 day 3

What is Success?


Success is a series of SMALL wins!

Success is a series of SMALL wins!
Let me say that again in case you didn’t hear me! 🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉
SUCCESS is a series of SMALL wins! 🧡💗🧡💗🧡💗
So let me ask you the question ... looking at your fertility journey where have you been successful?
Even breaking it down. It isn’t just about having a baby birthed. You are a warrior you have battled so much! Honour those victories! Fuck CELEBRATE those victories You are in the arena fighting each day!
Elements of Success to me looks like your taking care of yourself, drinking your water, eating what fuels you, doing activists you enjoy, getting support, breathing deeply, working on releasing tension, a slight change in your hormones or the fact you ovulated this month, you got a call from the fertility clinic, so many things small and big things work together to build success! Fertility warrior you are successful! You are here!
I know a part of you is like yes but what about the numbers!!! I was so hung up on the success rates and percentages and I am not a numbers person at all! If you were to look 👀approximately and from ‘the mind- body connection : the true pathway to conception’ by James Schwartz IVF is 28% success IUI is 2-8 % and Mind body programs jump to 42- 65 %
So if you still want to increase your success I would suggest the things I originally suggested and a mind body program. When we connect with our mind and body and also spirit incredible shifts occur! And when combined with other fertility complements ‘success’ can be even greater!
Like imagine being in the best state for the conception of your baby? Even with infertility so draining you can achieve this! I believe in you! I am here. I am you!
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How have you been successful on your fertility journey (think small)


Darrien Minnie