S M U D G I N G 

By Darrien Minnie 

What  is smudging? 

Smudging is a ritual where you light fire to certain herbs and allow the smoke to cleanse and purify the air and energy in the space around you. Energy can stick around the home, you and objects. Used in feng shui and Native American rituals. 

Hint. If your feeling down, low energy, overwhelmed or stuck this can mean there is old energy blocking the flow. 

Energy can fade and become stagnated. Also, I am so sensitive to the energy of other people around me and my family. So it is a great way to reenergize the space, Cleanse of any negative thoughts, emotions and vibes and rid bacteria from the air too! 

Where to get things to smudge with?

Grab a wrapped herb from your favourite wellness shop! 

Chinook Yoga 

Ave maria

Injoy boutique 

Or make your own! 

I haven’t done this... yet I plan to!!! 


Types of Smudging Herbs and Wood

White Sage- most commonly used. Clears negative energy from objects, spaces and people

Palo Santo- clears negative energies. Healing 

Mugwort- cleanses negative energies, purification, 

Cedarwood- cleanses negative energies. Removes fear, 

Lavender- calming, invites peace, healing and joy 

Last but not least and my favourite is...

Sweet grass-  It’s so ... well.. sweet! And like Smokey vanilla! I love how smooth and soothing it is! Cleansing and helps for protection and ancient wisdom 


How to Smudge?

Directions safely light the tip and blow out flame. Let smoulder to release scent. When finished, extinguish in water or sand. Never leave unattended. 

I use an abalone shell with some sand to hold the smouldering smudging sticks and to hold the ashes. 

Walk around the space and let smoke explore. I open my windows and doors to allow the old energy to escape out into the universe and become recycled. 

Begin at the front door and move in a clockwise direction. 

(Not sponsored, just sharing what I love!)


Darrien Minnie