April Fools

3 harmless and fun April fools pranks!


April fools is tomorrow.....

The past 3 years I have been afraid to go on social media on this day. Actually having bouts of anxiety as I scroll down my newsfeed. I like a good prank or jokes I am human... I like to laugh! But there are certain things that aren’t funny and truly are heartbreaking and very insensitive.

I have been posting for the past few weeks that April fools jokes around pregnancy and baby announcements can be extremely hurtful. 

1 in 6 Canadians and 1 in 8 Americans Have a story of infertility (this is trying for a baby for over a year or 6 months if you are over 35 years old, and not being able to either fall pregnant or carry a pregnancy to a live birth)

And 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage (the baby dies and the pregnancy stops. The baby is either released from the uterus naturally, with medication or with a medical procedure. )

All of which can be very devastating physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to say the least.

Something that so many people are wanting in their lives and in their arms ... a healthy baby to love and watch grow is not something to joke about.

For me jokes about pregnancy on April  fools falls in the same category of joking that you have a diagnosis of cancer on April fools. Not at all funny! 

So I thought I would share some harmless and fun April fools pranks: 

1- Place bubble wrap under a door mat at the front door.

2- pranks with food: make some cake pops but hold the cake... instead use Brussel sprouts covered in chocolate and sprinkles! 

3- stick a post it note on the sensor of a computer mouse! 

Anyways I don’t wanna be a buzz kill but I don’t want be an A- hole when I see a prank and have to comment to explain why it’s not funny. Thus potentially making you feel like an A - hole yourself. I hope that i was able to shine some light and offer some sensitivity training.

To my strong Fertility warriors if you need support I am here for you! Text, call or message me if you need anything tomorrow and I really really hope that the jokes are of the good nature.

Love and Light

Darrien Minnie