Reflecting on CIAW 2019

April 22nd to April 28th was our

Canadian Infertility Awareness Week.

What a week!! I was so proud to share my posts and create a story around fertility that people should talk about.

I thought I would share with you my social Media Posts. My apologies that it wasn’t up on the blog the same day. I am still getting the hang of this soloprenuer gig. I love it but it certainly comes with wearing more hats that I was used to! Anyhow, click though the posts and I am excited for next year! Bigger and Brighter things coming our way!


1 in 6

I stand with a community of amazing people as we share the experience of infertility and or miscarriage. Even though our stories all look very different we share some of the hard emotions and are on this rollercoaster 🎢 ride that no one was not ever prepared for.

I am proud to be a part of the CIAW and NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week) speaking my truth and shining a bit of light on something that we usually keep private. We keep the month after month disappointment and tears hidden, we keep our blood draw poke and medications hidden. But what if we didn’t. What if we all shared and opened up and shared the hard truth. Do you think we would be able to help someone else? Or meet another friend that is on the journey and they said “Oh my gosh, me too!” What if you walked into a room and they all understood what you were going though, and hugged you and held space for you without unsolicited advice or the other “lovely” comments.

That “what if” is possible, not only possible it is happening in your community!

Reach out to me and I can help you find support either online or in your community or closest city.
I would like to invite you to open up and share your story. #uncoveringinfertility allowing it to be less of a shame filled topic. This is not something we chose. By sharing our story we allow the light and love in. And this can be a guiding light to others still in the journey.
#youarenotalone feel free to connect with me even if you just want to talk. #infertilityuncovered #1in6 #1in8#recurrentmiscarriage #clomid#infertilityawareness #ttctribe



Darrien Minnie