The Oily Satya

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Welcome to the Oily Satya with Darrien.

Quick yogi lesson-

Satya pronounced ‘sat-yah’ meaning ‘Truth’ or ‘to be truthful

Is one of the yogi Yamas which are ethical practices of how one interacts with the surrounding world.

Truth in your words

Truth in your actions

Truth in your self

I want to share my satya with essential oils. Learn how I came across Essential oils, how I used them in my daily life, full time work with part time yoga instructing and how I applied them for my own struggle with infertility and recurrent miscarriages. And how I have ditched the nasty chemicals that cause hormone disruptions, skin irratations, harms our health and can cause cancer. In our home we have DITCHED AND SWITCHED to products that I either buy or make myself that are healthy and safe for me and for my home.

We will explore the truth and power together how we can change and support our lives with oils.

How would you like to become healthier, happier and more fulfilled in your daily practice of life?

How are you feeling in your body?

  • Tired

  • Emotionally overwhelmed

  • Lacking motivation

  • Feeling a tickle in your throat

  • Needed mental stimulation or focus

  • other let me know!

Learn more on my essential oil group. This is for anyone that’s interested in learning the benefits of these little bottles of plant magic. In the Minnie household we use these oils every single day, multiple times a day. We use these amazing oils for: Supporting sleep, healthy skin products,supporting my emotional health and mood , sore muscles, boost our immune system, compliment the yoga practice, emotional support through TTC, pregnancy and now postpartum and helping Atlas and so many more things!

Want to try these products for yourself? Join my Team!

  • I will say again the oily satya is me speaking the truth. And I would not sell you a product that you don’t need. I am sharing a product that I LOVE and have loved for 4 years, I am with a company that I absolutely LOVE, who are the best in the essential oil industry for over 25 years, who have the highest standards and are completely aligned with me for transparency, health and wellness!

  • I do make a commission with the use of this link and there is abundance opportunities available to anyone who is interested. You can sign up for FREE, no need or pressure to sell, and you automatically save 24%.

  • Ask me any questions prior too!

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Sending love and light

Namaste —